The company Artiluz - Mario & Vidal, Ltd, based in Industrial Area Giesteira, and the city of Aveiro Aveiro district, offers all its clients extensive experience capitalized over thirty years (1982-2012) in the sector of activity the manufacture of lamps and other lighting products, marked by the permanent quest for innovation and quality.


Being a small company, the easier it has responded to the challenges of the economic sector that moves, or by developing their current models, whether regularly launching airy style decorative lamps, fruit of their labor constant study and development, taking advantage always innovative materials such as iron, wood, brass or zamak and having to collect suggestions from our valued customers.


The Artiluz - Mario & Vidal, followed Ltd. has always been a policy of strict quality control, which led to certification of its products manufactured by prestigious entities, as are the CERTIF - Association for the Certification and IQP-Institute Portuguese Quality. The results obtained allow us to ensure quality of our products. using the brand "ARTILUZ - M & V" - Certified Product


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